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Baxtim shul - O`zbekning Zulfiyasiman

Baxtim shul - O`zbekning Zulfiyasiman



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Added time: 2022-03-03

On March 1 of this year, an artistic and literary party called "Bakhtim shul - Uzbek's Zulfiyasiman" was organized by the leader of the primary organization of the Women's Committee on the occasion of the birthday of the famous poetess Zulfiyakhanim in the activists' hall of JIDU academic lyceum. Films from the life of the poetess, who is a singer of loyalty and loyalty, prepared by the students, artistic-musical compositions, poetic samples from the poetess' work, songs and dances were celebrated at the event. Also, the mushaira debate performed by schoolgirls gave the event an uplifting spirit. Songs were performed by students from the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan who visited the event. The event left a great impression on everyone.