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Department of languages

Department of languages


Department of Russian Language and Literature

         The Department of Russian Language and Literature was established in 2005 and is actively working on the search for effective methods and means of teaching the Russian language, focusing on specific features of specific and socio-humanistic sciences. Also, one of the priority tasks of the department is to expand and deepen the teaching of the Russian language as a mother tongue and as a foreign language.

         Isakova Zemfira Ismoilovna made a great contribution to the organization of the work of the department.

         From 2000-2020, the department was headed by the following teachers:

1. Isakova Zemfira Ismoilovna - head of the department from 2005-2014.

2. Gulnoza Karimovna Nazarova - head of the department from 2014-2018.

3. Nazirkhanova Dildora Ne`matzhanovna - head of the department from 2018-2020.

         "A set of tests for applicants to academic lyceums" (S. Yadgarova), "Texts for the development of speech of students whose language of instruction is not Russian" (O. Ismoilova), "Literary reading for 1st-year students of groups whose language of instruction is not Russian" by the teachers of the department set of tests" (S. Yadgarova), "Methodical manual on punctuation marks" (G. Nazarova), methodical manual "Dictionary and phraseology" (D. Nazirkhanova), "Test set for current control of Russian language" (M. Izatullayeva, G. Nazarova), "Activating students' activities by creating problem situations in Russian language classes" (M. Izatullayeva, G. Nazarova), a collection of texts on Russian literature for 2nd-year students (compiled by S. Yadgarova) was prepared.

         The teachers of the department regularly work on improving their professional skills: they take PDA courses and participate in training and seminars.

         The department is also preparing for the Science Olympiad of Russian Language and Literature. The students of our lyceum took part in the city and republic Olympiads in different years and won prizes, including M. Aliyeva, the winner of the Republican Olympiad prepared by S. Yadgarova, G. Aliyeva, A. Kadirov, Kh. Bakhtiyarova, S. Allambergenova, the winner of the Russian language science Olympiad. won the city stage.

         Every year, the teachers of the department participated in the lyceum celebrations dedicated to the "Day of Remembrance and Appreciation", the day of teachers and coaches.


Currently, three high-class teachers - S.Z. Yadgarova, I.Sh. Mavzyudova, D.N. Nazirkhanova T.A. Kabulov are working in the department.

Clips from the activity of the department