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Department of general education

Department of general education


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         The Department of General Education of the Academic Lyceum of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy includes Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Physics, Physical Education, and Pre-Convocation Primary Training.

         The activities of the Department of Natural Sciences (founded in 2005) are aimed at forming a natural, scientific worldview in students, thinking creatively about living in nature and instilling a sense of responsibility in protecting nature. Department teachers: Sh.Yahyayeva, V.Rafikov, M.Nazrullaeva, and senior teachers N.Oripova, S.Ruziyeva made great contributions to the formation of the department's activities. Educational and methodological manuals created by them, including "Collection of Problems from Physics" (Oripova N., 2018), "Collection of practical exercises from Chemistry" (Yahyayeva Sh., 2019), "Book of laboratory exercises from Biology" (Nazrullayeva M., 2021) was of great importance in learning the ways of knowing living nature, analyzing phenomena and forming the skills to use them in practical activities, and they were used on a large scale.

         Currently, 2 high-class teachers (Nazrullayeva M., Tadji-Aglayeva S.) and 2 young specialists (Umarova G., Shukrullayeva D.) are working in the Department of natural sciences. All teachers use interactive methods in the course of the lesson, connect natural sciences with modern science and technology development, and carry out scientific activities, exchanging mutual experience. This year, the methodological manual "Collection of Problems from the Science of Physics" was published in Uzbek and Russian languages (Tadji-Aglayeva S., 2022).

         Spiritual and educational activities are carried out by the Department of Natural Sciences. In particular, excursions to the "Museum of Nature", "Zoo", and "Planetarium" are carried out.

         The Department of Physical Education and Pre-Convocation Primary Training has been operating as a separate department from 2000-2020, and as part of the General Education Department since 2020. The main goal of the department is to encourage students to be physically healthy and fit, to promote a healthy lifestyle, to regularly engage in sports and physical education, and to strengthen a sense of patriotism.

         From 2000-2022, the department was headed by the following teachers:

1. Musayev Bahadir - physical education teacher, head of the department from 2000-2010.

2. Nurmetov Sa`dulla - military leader, teacher of Pre-Convocation Primary Training, head of the department from 2010-2016.

3. Shodmonov Jamshid - physical education teacher, head of the department in 2016-2019.

Riskulov Risqul (physical education), Tursunbayev Umid (physical education), Sobirov Temur (physical education), Abdurahimov Aziz (CHQBT) also worked in this department.

         Currently, physical education teachers Kasimova Gulshan, Khamrayeva Saodat, and Kultorayev Odiljon Pardayevich, a teacher of Pre-Convocation Primary Training, are working.

         The teachers of the department have made many achievements in the field of physical education and sports. In particular, students trained by teachers achieved high results in the city and republic stages of the "Barkamol Avlod" sports competition. In particular, the team has won at the city level in football, volleyball, chess, table tennis, and athletics.

Events from the activities of the Department